Debugging in Kubernetes

Visualize container logs

Logging is one option to understand what is going on inside your applications and the cluster at large. Basic logging in Kubernetes makes the output a container produces available, which is a good use case for debugging. More advanced setups consider logs across nodes and store them in a central place, either within the cluster or via a dedicated (cloud-based) service.

Kubectl logs

kubectl logs --tail=5 logme -c gen

kubectl logs -f --since=10s logme -c gen

Edit resources

kubectl edit deployment ...



Login and tabs!/deployment?namespace=form

Get your token:

$ kubectl describe serviceaccount form<your ID> | grep Tokens
Tokens:              form<your ID>-token-2fbz
$ kubectl describe secret form<your ID>-token-2fbz8 | grep token: 
token:      eyJhbG.......