Kubernetes and HTC on demand hands on

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Diego Ciangottini (diego.ciangottini<at>pg.infn.it)

Acknowledgements / prior work

Before starting

  1. Log into the dedicated machine (if want to reproduce it at home you can find the Ansible playbooks in this repo)
  2. Clone the current repo in your home directory:
git clone https://github.com/DODAS-TS/HandsOn-INFN-2019.git && cd HandsOn-INFN-2019
  1. set the environment variable to use the k8s config file pointing to the demo cluster
export KUBECONFIG=/home/centos/form<your number>/kubeconfig.yml

You should now be able to see the cluster nodes with:

$ kubectl get node
NAME                  STATUS   ROLES    AGE     VERSION
vnode-0.localdomain   Ready    master   2d15h   v1.14.0
vnode-1.localdomain   Ready    <none>   2d15h   v1.14.0
vnode-2.localdomain   Ready    <none>   2d15h   v1.14.0
vnode-3.localdomain   Ready    <none>   2d15h   v1.14.0
vnode-4.localdomain   Ready    <none>   2d15h   v1.14.0

And to inspect one of them with:

kubectl describe node vnode-1.localdomain

If so, you are ready to start.

Hands-on guide